Producer / DOP - Dean Cropp


Dean Cropp is an ACS award-winning DOP and Associate Producer of eight international nature and adventure/observational documentaries with his father Ben Cropp. He also has 15 years experience filming for news organisations, Home And Away, Great Outdoors, Sydney Weekender, TVCs, short films.

His work as a Water DOP for the 3D feature documentary Storm Surfers 3D (2012) earned him a nomination for an AACTA award. He was also the DOP for the accompanying 3D 4-hour Storm Surfers television series. In 2008, he was part of the Seven camera team despatched to China to cover the Olympics.

An avid inventor and backyard engineer, Dean has developed and designed many custom camera systems and underwater housings. He has been commissioned by shows such as Bondi Rescue, Channel Seven Sunrise and Sydney Weekender to design and build specialist camera mountings and housings to suit many adventure situations.

Most recently, he has been working as the DOP, co-creator and producer of children’s factual television series, Blue Zoo.