Dean Cropp

Producer/DOP – Dean Cropp

Dean Cropp is an ACS award-winning DOP and Associate Producer of eight international nature and adventure/observational documentaries with his father Ben Cropp. He also has 15 years experience filming for news organisations, Home And Away, Great Outdoors, Sydney Weekender, TVCs, short films.

His work as a Water DOP for the 3D feature documentary Storm Surfers 3D (2012) earned him a nomination for an AACTA award. He was also the DOP for the accompanying 3D 4-hour Storm Surfers television series. In 2008, he was part of the Seven camera team despatched to China to cover the Olympics.

An avid inventor and backyard engineer, Dean has developed and designed many custom camera systems and underwater housings. He has been commissioned by shows such as Bondi Rescue, Channel Seven Sunrise and Sydney Weekender to design and build specialist camera mountings and housings to suit many adventure situations.

Most recently, he has been working as the DOP, co-creator and producer of children’s factual television series Blue Zoo.

Special skills:

  • Long form observational documentary Cinematographer
  • 3D DOP and camera operator with specialised experience in beamsplittler cameras.
  • Minicam and POV camera expert, both 2D and 3D. Developing production specific camera systems achieving never before seen shots.
  • Underwater cinematography and stills photography including surfing, scuba and free diving, extreme sports, boating, sailing, shipwreck exploration, search and salvage, marine animals including dolphins, whales, seals and sharks in the wild and captivity.
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Blue Zoo – Producer, Co-Creator & DOP

Category: Filmography

An empowering 13-part observational documentary that follows eight young marine animal enthusiasts aged 14-16 as they embark on an intense 6-week training mission to become marine experts. Co-production with ABC3 Australia, RTE Ireland, Air Pig Productions, David Atkins Enterprises, Screen NSW, NSW Regional Filming Fund & The Gingerbread Man.

View Blue Zoo Production

Storm Surfers 3D – DOP/Water DOP

Category: Filmography/Feature Film/ Series

Storm Surfers 3D (Feature film) & Storm Surfers 3D (Series) – DOP/Water DOP. Storm Surfers follows two-time world champion Tom Carroll and big wave tow-in pioneer Ross Clarke-Jones as they hunt down and ride the world’s biggest waves. 3NET/Discovery/Sky3D

Drown – Water DOP

Category: Filmography /Feature Film

Three surf lifesavers on a big night out. Jealousy, homophobic fears and unrequited lust culminate in a tragic booze-fueled episode of near-fatal bullying.

Inside the Wildfire – DOP

Category: Filmography/BBC Documentary

Following a prolonged dry period, experts predict that 2014 will be one of the worst bushfire seasons in recent memory. Co-presenting with Simon Reeve, Kate has exclusive access to Australia’s largest fire department as they battle the bushfires. Inside the Wildfire explains how bushfires ignite and grow as Kate meets world leading fire scientists, to see why extreme fire events like fire whirls and tornadoes occur and learn how smoke and fire can actually alter the weather.

Crocodile Island – DOP/Associate Producer

Category: Filmography/ Documentary

The scenic tranquility of Crab Island, a crescent shape stretch of sand off Northern Australia belies the incredible danger the distinctive flatback turtles face here – tiger sharks and crocodiles prey on them. Using the latest in infrared technology Cropp captures this aggressive feeding behaviour in never before seen detail.

Little Known Wonders of Sydney Harbour – DOP/Associate Producer

Category: Filmography/ Documentary

1 x 52’ Documentary HD. Ben Cropp explores world famous Sydney Harbour and presents an array of fascinating stories both on shore and underwater. Underneath the magnificent skyline Ben presents a fascinating history, and comes face to face with some unexpected wildlife.

Silent Warriors – DOP

Category: Filmography/ Documentary

1 x 52’ Documentary HD. A documentary uncovering the wrecks of WWII ships and planes in the Solomon Islands and Northern Australia, showing how war threatened Australia. Gives a fascinating and personal look at how war touched so many people’s lives, even those who stayed behind, and the impact it has had on them.

Vanishing Grey Nurse Sharks – DOP

Category: Filmography/ Documentary

Australia’s grey nurse shark population is on a decline, to the brink of extinction. It began in the early 60’s, fed by the false belief that this shark was a man-eater, and, its own physical makeup – a nasty-looking set of ragged teeth. Shark-meshing programs begun in the 1960s snared hundreds of local grey nurse. At the same time the new sport of shark hunting targeted these slow moving sharks that schooled in `shark gutters’ off the NSW coast.

Search for the Mystery Bomber – DOP/Associate Producer

Category: Filmography/ Documentary

1x52min Documentary. 231 allied planes crashed in Australia’s north in WWII. Some are still missing, their exact whereabouts still unknown; all the crew died in the crashes. No survivors, no witnesses, no position to report. A film of exploration and discovery that reveals the secrets of at least one of these lost war birds.

Toyota TVC – Water DOP

Category: Television Commercial

Toyota – Journey – TVC 90/30sec – Water DOP

View Toyota TVC

One Day In Paradise – DOP

Category: Television Commercial

One Day In Paradise – Tropical North Queensland Competition winner TVC – DOP

View One Day In Paradise TVC

Nutri-Grain TVC – DOP

Category: Television Commercial

Nutri-Grain – Go Like A Pro – TVC 90/30/15sec, DOP

Red Bull TVC – Underwater Camera

Category: Television Commercial

Red Bull –Blue Edition– Sally Fitzgibbons / Justin McMillan – Underwater Camera

View Red Bull TVC

Up and Go TVC – Water DOP

Category: Television Commercial

Up and Go – Windows – TVC 30sec / 15sec , Water DOP

Go-Energy TVC- Water DOP

Category: Television Commercial

Go-Energy TVC – 30sec / 15sec, Water DOP

Amazing Race – Water DOP

Category: Filmography

Amazing Race – USA – Asia – Australia. Manly Shark Dive Extreme segment

Pet Porpoise Pool TVC – DOP

Category: Television Commercial

Pet Porpoise Pool ‘Marine Magic’ Coffs Harbour 1x 30 sec + 2x 15sec HD TVC DOP (Air Pig Productions)

View Marine Magic TVC

Pet Porpoise Pool TVC – DOP

Category: Television Commercial

Pet Porpoise Pool ‘Our First 40 years’ 2x 30 sec + 2x 15sec HD DOP (Air Pig Productions) 4x 90sec Webisodes

Various other International programs:

NBC Today special on Australia’s underwater Environment, on air talent and Underwater DOP for Surf life saving / Shark seg.

American Chopper Diving the Great Barrier Reef and Shark diving, Underwater DOP

Thaliassa (French TV show) Sydney, A Harbour City. Underwater DOP

Thirsty Traveler US Travel, Beer/wine appreciation show. Minicam specialist for Stunt plane segment.

Television commercial and Cinema advertising:

Pirates revenge thrill ride – Luna Park Sydney 1x 30sec + 2x 15sec HD TV, internet and cinema. DOP




• Nominated for an AACTA for Best Achievement in Cinematography in a feature documentary – Storm Surfers 3D
• Best Documentary – International 3D Society Awards 2013 (Storm Surfers 3D)
• Best Feature Length Documentary – AACTA Awards 2012 (Storm Surfers 3D)

• 8 ACS awards for his DOP/camera work in Documentary, TV magazine and News
• 3 ACS High commendations for specialized cinematography and News