Blue Zoo Makes a Splash with Sony’s PMW-200/300 Cameras

Blue Zoo Makes a Splash with Sony’s PMW-200/300 Cameras
Blue zoo

Blue Zoo is a marine wildlife adventure documentary series in 13 episodes shot by DP Dean Cropp from production company Air Pig Productions with Sony PMW-200 and PMW-300 cameras. Dean has taken an observational style that follows eight young students interested in marine animals, aged 14 to 16, as they undertake an intensive 6-week training mission to learn about dolphins and seals. “Blue Zoo was an unusual production and the choice of equipment, particularly the cameras, was crucial to the effort,” Dean said.

“We did a lot of research into different cameras with different sized sensors and finally decided on the Sony PMW-200 and PMW-300 mainly because of their ability to shoot progressive or interlaced. They also have a number of frame rate and bit rate options, up to 50Mbps with a 4:2:2 colour space.

Source: 20 February, 2014 – “Blue Zoo Makes a Splash with Sony’s PMW-200/300 Cameras”
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