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Production Services


Air Pig Productions provide full production services to local, interstate and international production companies and broadcasters at competitive rates.

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Production & Financial Services

Air Pig Productions is continuously building new production partnerships to engage in co-productions with local, interstate and international production companies wishing to shoot in Australia.

Sally Browning’s producing background and previous experience as an Investment Manager with Screen Australia has equipped her to provide expert knowledge to official co-productions.

She is uniquely placed to assist with accessing film financing incentive programs, such as the Australian Producer Offset, and is experienced in creative development, working closely with state and federal funding agencies.

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Air Pig Productions Budgeting Sydney Australia


Air Pig Productions can provide budgeting for low, medium and high budget projects including factual, drama, children’s television and official co productions in either an Excel or Movie Magic format.

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Crew Hire

We work with experienced and reliable crew and can negotiate competitive rates to suit varying budgets. We also have access to specialist crew such as underwater DOPs, Go Pro and rig specialists and UAV Drone Pilot with stabilization systems for GoPro, BMPCC & Red Epic.

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Location Scouting

We provide location scouting services to local, interstate and international companies seeking to secure filming permissions for locations anywhere in Australia.

We are particularly experienced when it comes to obtaining permissions for locations that restrict access to film crews such as courts, prisons, hospitals and have access to permits for the Great Barrier Reef.

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Post Production Sydney Australia


Air Pig Productions can put together a package that satisfies all of your post-production needs at competitive rates, through its post-production partners.

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Please contact us by email for further information on any of our production services.

We will respond within 24 hours.

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Please email for further information.